Digital Systems Security

Identify, Anticipate and Mitigate Risk.

We provide fully managed systems security services to protect your business against cyber threats.

Vulnerability Scans

Ongoing vulnerability scans from an attackers perspective. Immediate notification of vulnerabilities detected.

Phishing Assessments

We assess your employee’s susceptibility to phishing attacks and provide targetted training to defend against such threats.

Threat Intelligence

An attacker’s eye view of your organisation. Protect against attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand integrity.

See your security from a hacker's viewpoint

System Security

We understand you want to spend your time running your business not dealing with technical security issues. SySec run fully managed services helping to prevent problems before they happen. We identify threats and help you take steps to mitigate them. We focus on your security so you can focus on your business.


Man & Machine

Technical Exploits

We continously scan for exploitable technical vulnerabilites across your web applications and host based infrastructure.

The Human Factor

We assess social engineering and phishing vulnerabilities and provide threat intelligence based on human analysis specific to your organisation.

Insight & Analysis

Contextually Relevant Data

We analyse complex data and verify potential exploits, data breaches, and threats filtering out false positives giving you the critical information you need.

Excecutive Reports

We provide clear, easy to read and understand reports explaining the context and threat level of any risks and what they mean in business terms.


Indentify and fix business-critical vulnerabilities

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